viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008


Hi! My name’s Mariangel Freites but you can call me Marian. I’m from Maracaibo, originally. I live in Cabimas, Ambrosio. I’m 17 years old and I study mass communication at URBE. My favotite subjects are biology and English. I am in level 3
I love music, dancing, playing soccer, talking on the phone with my friends, pizza, my family, my country Venezuela and my 2 dogs...

I hate smoking, getting up early on the weekend, violence, war, injustice.

My dream is to travel around the world, visit the Pyramids in Egypt and Mexico; I want to graduate from mass Communication School. I also want to learn to speak Italian.

About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important. I listen to music and watch TV in English. It’s a good exercise. I also chat on the internet and have friends in many countries. I can speak well, but I need to practice more. The most difficult for me is whitening. I need to practice more. I hope I can make a lot of friends and practice speaking in this class

well, that's a little about me. do you have any questions?